Royal Airport Services (Pvt.) Ltd. over the years has progressed remarkably in all areas of its operations i.e ramp, cargo and passenger services. As a leading player of industry, we owe our accomplishments to the knowledge and expertise of our staff, the higher standards of maintenance of equipment. We emphasize on change and improvement, superior service quality, and the synergy we create with our colleagues, customers, stake holders and business partners.

The operation has expanded over the years. Operational and technological developments in the industry, changing competitive conditions, and the expectations of our customers make the change and development indispensable for our company to maximize our service quality and reach our growth targets. We have gained considerable knowledge and made long lasting contacts and business relationships. These contacts and business relationships have enabled us to develop and grow the business.

Human Resource development is top most priority of our management. The selection process focuses on the requirements of national and international clients, the legislative bindings and to comply with commercial / business ethics. The selection/induction process is comprehensive and the staff is milled through regular inland and foreign training programs and revalidation of certificates to keep them updated. The training conducted encompasses the theoretical as well as practical training imparted by certified trainers. This helps in keeping the customers and employees at the same platform to achieve the goal and making the corporate culture shareable in accordance with duties and common values of the Company.