Royal Airport Services (Pvt.) Ltd. is the Pakistan’s leading Cargo Services provider, offering Cargo Handling at six International Airports in Pakistan, with absolute compliance with safety and security rules and regulations.  Fast and vigilant physical handling is key points in quality to provide efficient service. Warehouses and equipment are constantly stimulated by the input of technical innovation and by the need for a permanent enhancement of functional efficiency. Compliant equipment and processes are installed such as X-ray machines (Dual Vision), CCTV, dog-assisted team units, Explosive Tracing Device (ETD) for detection of explosives. A computerized operation data handling system was specifically developed for full compatibility with airline systems, complying with the local customs and IATA format, updating them on a real-time basis. Security audits and regular dangerous goods inspections are conducted supplemented by random tests in operative conditions.

Cargo Services Overview

  • Freight Handling
  • Mail Handling
  • Document Handling (Import/Export)
  • Integrator Handling
  • Freighter Ramp Services / Transportation
  • Airline Customer Services
  • Special Cargo Handling
  • Warehousing
  • Dog Sniffing (EDD) Services
  • Scanning – Single View
  • Scanning – Dual View
  • EDD / ETD
  • Chiller / Cold Storage
  • ICG